Install a Rain Barrel

A one inch rainstorm produces 700 gallons of water runoff from the average home roof.
That’s equal to 17 baths or 58 showers.

A rain barrel captures water from your roof and downspout and stores it for later use. The water can be used to water your lawn or garden, plants and even for washing your car. In a typical summer season, a rain barrel will save the average homeowner 1,300 gallons of tap water normally used for outdoor watering needs.

When you install a rain barrel (also known as a rainwater harvesting system), you reduce stormwater pollution and help to prevent flooding and the erosion of our stream banks.

rain-barrelOver one million gallons of water have been conserved through the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy’s rain barrel program!

Rain Barrel Benefits

  • Reduces water bills
  • Captures rain to water your garden
  • Reduces stormwater runoff, pollution and prevents erosion
  • Lessens the demand for energy-intensive, chlorinated tap water
  • Recharges ground water naturallyBuild Your Rain Barrel

Attend a FREE Gunpowder Valley Conservancy rain barrel workshop to learn how to build and install your own rain barrel. Gunpowder Valley Conservancy provides you with supplies and can guide you through the installation process. Thank you to McCormick and Company, Inc. for donating food containers to be repurposed into rain barrels for these workshops.

Click here to view the event calendar for a rain barrel workshop near you.

Click here to volunteer at a workshop.

If you live in the Middle River/Tidal Gunpowder or Bird River Watershed and attend a free rain barrel workshop, the Gunpowder Valley Conservancy will make a rain barrel available to you for only $30 and install it free of labor charge!

For additional information, contact Peggy Perry, Clear Creeks Project Manager or Darcy Herman, Clear Creeks Assistant Project Manager.

Host a Rain Barrel Workshop

Gunpowder Valley Conservancy experts would be delighted to lead a rain barrel workshop for your community, religious affiliation, club, business, or school. Email Peggy Perry for additional information on hosting rain barrel workshops.


“A rain barrel is a simple way to help the Bay.”
- Dr. Rita Kurek, at a Gunpowder Valley Conservancy rain barrel workshop she hosted for her neighbors

The barrel itself is simple and well designed so is very easy to use and effective at collection. Both barrels have solved issues with drainage.”
- Janet Shamaugh who installed two rain barrels at her home