Storm Drain Stenciling

Storm drains help remove stormwater and melting snow that might otherwise accumulate on streets, parking lots and ramps and cause flooding. When it rains, water travels across streets, driveways, yards and other impervious surfaces before entering a storm drain, accumulating contaminants such as motor oil, gasoline, antifreeze, soil, litter, pet waste, fertilizer and yard waste along the way. Everything that enters a storm drain flows untreated into a nearby waterway.

Cumulative effects of polluted stormwater runoff from even one community can cause algae blooms, closings of waterways or degraded water quality, affecting fish and other aquatic organisms’ survival in our local watershed and in the Chesapeake Bay.

Educate Others About Stormwater Runoff

You can help us educate the public about stormwater runoff by stenciling a message next to storm drains in your neighborhood. Storm drain art is a fun activity to engage your local community and bring attention to healthy waterways in Baltimore and surrounding counties.
Storm drain stenciling utilizes spray paint and pre-approved stencils for an easy and colorful storm drain art project.

Visit our events calendar to sign up for a storm drain stenciling workshop training to learn how to stencil a storm drain in your community.

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