Clear Creeks Project 

The Gunpowder Valley Conservancy's Clear Creeks Project: Our Water, Our Heritage, Our Pride is a grant-funded, citizen-based initiative to restore the water quality of the Middle River, Tidal Gunpowder, Bird River, Lower Gunpowder Falls, and Loch Raven East and South watersheds in Baltimore County. 

Homeowners, businesses, and other institutions in the Clear Creeks Project watersheds are eligible for 50% - 80% discounts on Bay-Wise practices that reduce stormwater runoff into our local waterways. Beautify your property while protecting our environment and make a difference today!

Clear Creeks Project Watershed Areas

The Clear Creeks Project has grant funding through 2023 to partner with property owners and organizations in the Middle RiverTidal GunpowderBird River, Lower Gunpowder Falls, Loch Raven South, and Loch Raven East watersheds of Baltimore County. View the interactive map below to determine if you live or work in the project watersheds.

New for 2022: We've just expanded into the Little Gunpowder Falls watershed in Baltimore and Harford Counties. Contact Amy Young, Outreach Coordinator, if you have any questions about the Clear Creeks Project area.

Get more clean water for your dollar!

The Clear Creeks Project grant funding through 2023 will provide property owners in the project area with substantial discounts on Bay-Wise practices. 

  • 50% discount on Rain Barrels ($35/rain barrel) and FREE installation
  • 60% discount on Bayscapes and Edible Bayscapes Gardens
  • 70% discount on Microbioretention Garden practices
  • 80% discount on Rain Gardens

For more information, contact Darcy Herman, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, Project Manager.

Clear Creeks Project History

Since 2013, the Clear Creeks Project has

  • Installed 256 rain barrels
  • Installed  151 conservation gardens
  • Removed 46,507 pounds of trash from streams
  • Planted 2,112 trees on 16.68 acres
  • Engaged 3,385 volunteers in watershed restoration activities

Learn about our history and accomplishments here.

The Clear Creeks Project also conducts large-scale projects with homeowner associations (HOAs), businesses, and other institutions. For more information, contact Darcy Herman, Gunpowder Valley Conservancy, Program Manager.

Check out the highlights from our recent large-scale projects:

Our Challenge: Reduce Pollution

Development replaces nature's water filtering system--tree roots, wetlands and stream banks--with rooftops, roads, and parking lots. These hard (impervious) surfaces prevent stormwater from soaking back into the ground. Instead, stormwater runoff flows untreated, directly into our local waterways, carrying sediment and harmful pollutants (motor oil, trash, fertilizers, pet waste.) High volumes of runoff often cause flooding, severe erosion and sedimentation, habitat loss, and decreased recreational opportunities, such as water sports and fishing.

Be Part of the Pollution Solution

Stormwater runoff is a leading source of water pollution. To restore the health of our project watersheds, positive changes in action and behavior are needed by all segments of society: government, institutions, business and industry, developers, community associations, and homeowners alike.

Since 2012, the Clear Creeks Project has collaborated with the Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability to implement positive citizen actions to reduce stormwater runoff. These actions are detailed in small watershed action plans (SWAPs) - comprehensive reports and strategies that identify sources of pollution and methods to reduce pollution in local waterways.


Clear Creeks Project SWAP guidelines: 

The Clear Creeks Project is made possible through funding from National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; Chesapeake Bay Trust; Baltimore County Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability; Baltimore Gas and Electric; Gunpowder Valley Conservancy; and Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Trust Fund, administered by Maryland Department of Natural Resources.